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WE're looking for one last partner.

We started out looking for five restaurants to be a part of Detroit Shipping Company. We realize that our space will only be truly great if the food we offer is top notch. So we’re looking for not only the right types of food, but the right partners, who can understand the vision and bring the right menu to the table. Pun intended. 


Aside from being a part of a new, innovative business in Detroit, we offer several benefits.

Shared interests. Restaurants that are part of Detroit Shipping will receive co-op marketing assistance, utility, insurance, security, and a shared common space unlike any other. 

Cultural draw. We will also host art galleries and live entertainment, giving added incentive for customers to dine with us. This will all be coordinated by the Detroit Shipping GM, leaving restaurant owners free to focus on putting out great food.

Events. On occasion, large events (corporate or wedding) will be arranged by the Shipping GM, who will work with each restaurant to handle catering. 

Booze. Detroit Shipping will own and operate two on-premise bars for patrons.

Low cost of entry. We also offer a low risk, reasonable cost-of-entry into the Detroit area. Our team is handling the build of the structure and all common areas, leaving you to build out your kitchen and counter space.

Buzz. We expect that once we break ground, Detroit Shipping will get press. In fact, we're going to make sure it does. So whether this is one of multiple locations for you, or you're brand new, you'll be a part of this.




There probably won't be many surprises in this section, but read on.

Great food. You won't be surprised that we're looking for great food. To truly bring Detroit Shipping Co. to life, we need just the right mix of offerings.  And each has to defy people's expectations of what they can expect from a restaurant housed in a shipping crate.

Variety. Each restaurant should offer a different type of cuisine than the other four, so there is no overlap in choice and no direct competition between your menu and that of another occupant. We currently have restaurants serving:

Gourmet Dogs & Sausages
Asian/Carribean Fusion Chicken
Tacos and Tinned Fish
Vietnamese & Thai Street Food

Simple but good menu. Ideally, your restaurant will have a menu that feels more like refined street food than full-service dining options. Things that can be eaten by hand, that don’t require knives for cutting or non-disposable serving items.

Affordable food. Cuisine should be affordable, but not fast-food cheap. Think $8-14 for a meal.

Kitchen 1 is the last available space.

LOCATION - 474 Peterboro

Detroit Shipping Company will be located in, Midtown, in South Cass Corridor - sandwiched between Wayne State University and the new Hockey Arena District, along the M-1 Woodward Ave light rail. Shipyard will sit on three now-vacant lots on Peterboro, next to The Peterboro, 8 Degrees of Plato, Iconic Tattoo, and Detroit Bike Shop. 


We are not rushing into partnerships in these spaces, as we feel this is one of the primary drivers of success for the overall concept. We will be accepting applications and speaking with potential owners for the next few months, hoping to have all partners in place by the time we break ground.

Some of the criteria by which we’ll be evaluating partners:

Your Vision. People look for new, interesting foods, as well as new takes on classics. How will your offering help bring people in?

Food type. We can’t have duplicates, so we’ll be looking for the best offering for each cuisine.

Collaborative Owners. There's going to be five restaurants and two bars and we all need to work together to succeed.

Menu & Variations. What does your opening day menu look like? Does your type of food fit the vision of the space?

Local following. Do you have another location or another restaurant in the metro-Detroit area with good buzz?

Our goal is to assemble five like-minded business owners who see a value in the shared risk and reward of opening a space like this in Detroit.

We understand that you'll want more information from us that is provided on the website, so please feel free to reach out to the partners and request lease term information, build timelines, etc. We'll be happy to speak with you.


If you're interested in becoming a part of Detroit Shipping Company, and you're serious, please reach out to our team:

Jon Hartzell

Jim Therkalsen

Or fill out the following form and we'll get back to you:

Owner's Name *
Owner's Name
Phone Number *
Phone Number
Provide a sample of the offering you envision, along with prices. Also note any seasonal variations you may be considering.
If you have any other existing locations, please list them here.
What else should we know about your or your business?

Thank you for taking the time to consider becoming a part of Detroit Shipping Company. We appreciate your interest and your passion for bringing great food to Detroit. If you submit the initial application, or would like more information, we try to respond to all inquiries within 24 hours. We're prompt like that.