Find Great Food.  With a variety of high quality, reasonably priced food options, no other location will be able to match the combination of variety and quality offered by Detroit Shipping. Normally, when a menu has Burgers, Thai, Mexican, Indian and Korean food you expect that none of it will be very good. In this case, every space will be filled by an industry-leading offering in a specific cuisine. Each time you come, you can have a completely different experience.

Be Entertained.  By art and music. Events on nights and weekends, as well as semi-permanent art installations will add to the dining experience and provide added cache that will make Detroit Shipping more than a place to grab a bite to eat. 

Be Amazed. By the architecture and design. With thoughtfully designed common areas, unique building materials, and inventive use of negative space and structural support, our aim is to build an environment that is worthy of posting to Instagram based on the visual appeal of the space on its own.

Host Your Event.  At a one of a kind place. People who are planning weddings, corporate outings, and fundraisers are always looking for unique places to host their events. Bringing your group of up to 300 people to Detroit Shipping tells them you want them to relax and have a good time, but you still want to give them a premium, unique experience.



After a long and gluttonous screening process, we have our five restaurant spaces filled. Welcome to the family Detroit Dog Co., Brujo, COOP, Monty's Beef Company and Bangkok96 Street Food. Stay tuned for full chef, restaurant and menu profiles.